Written by Jo Mall-Kahn (VAANI)
Produced by Andy Mak, Rob Weber, SOLON
Mastered by SOLON
All proceeds from the track go to the charity Jo founded 'A Sound Life'



In early 2015 I collaborated with the musician Jo Mall-Kahn on a release to launch her solo project VAANI. Tragically later that year she was diagnosed with cancer and then passed away a few months after that. She was only 36.

During August/September 2018 I worked with her husband Edo Kahn to finish some of the music that she was working on when she died. She had an album's worth of material that she was hoping to finish and release.

The first piece that we've been able to complete is 'The First Ray EP' which features four different versions of the same song 'The First Ray' - an acoustic version (the Original Mix), a live version recorded at ABC Radio, a James Blake inspired electronic version (the Retrograde Mix) and a reworked version of my own take the track (the SOLON Remix 2018). 


All proceeds from the music go to support the work of the charity she started with Edo, A Sound Life, which brings yoga and music to people in need.

The EP is available for download on the A Sound Life website, and will also up on the major platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.