Matt Singmin (aka SOLON) is an English electronic musician based in Sydney, Australia.  He writes meditative electronic music, drawing on the studio as a whole to create absorbing and detailed compositions which incorporate analog synthesisers, orchestral instruments and vintage digital effects.

His initial releases (‘Datta’, ‘Oed und Leer Das Meer’, ‘Phlebas’) were composed specifically to support the elimination of thought at the end of yoga classes, when practitioners are in savasana. These tracks came out of his experiences DJing for yoga events as one half of ‘The Future Sound of Yoga’, an experience he co-founded in 2010 with a yoga teacher he met in the dance tent at Glastonbury five years earlier.

His Future Sound of Yoga DJ Mixes reflect the sound of these events and are used every day by teachers and practitioners across the world. They have been streamed more than 100,000 times since inception, and capture the atmosphere of the gigs which feature vinyasa yoga, cutting-edge electronica and beautifully-lit magical spaces.

His interest in the connection between electronic music and meditation began while travelling in India in 1998, where he witnessed the juxtaposition of yoga and dance music in Goa. It was further developed amidst the energy of the late 90’s London club scene, where he spent time while studying philosophy at Oxford.

After exploring similar scenes in San Francisco and Thailand, he moved to Sydney in 2003 and began experimenting with the production of music after an old school friend happened to show him how to make music on a laptop. Experimentation turned into an obsessive odyssey into the world of frequencies, and ultimately led to the creation of a studio filled with vintage and modern audio gear.

SOLON is currently working on an album that meditates on the loss of reason, ethics and spirit in the modern world. It is inspired by the electronic albums of the early 90s (e.g. Leftism, Dubnobasswithmyheadman, Timeless).