The Future Sound of Yoga Playlist on Spotify

Excited to announce that I've just launched a playlist on Spotify to feature that tracks from my DJ sets for the Future Sound of Yoga sessions.

It currently features tracks from last Friday's FLOW session at Dharma Shala Bondi. I'll update it with the YIN set in a week or so. As we do more gigs I'll continue update from there.

To follow this playlist and stay across updates go here: The Future Sound of Yoga Playlist on Spotify



Announcing Monthly Residency at Dharma Shala

I'm excited to announce that from September to November I'll be Djing at Dharma Shala (Bondi Beach) on the last Friday of each month, curating the soundtrack for a number of Future Sound of Yoga sessions.

On each date there'll be a 6.00-7.15pm FLOW class and a 7.30-8.45pm YIN + YOGA NIDRA, as well as a theme to shape each session. For more details go here: SOLON LIVE.

Dharma Shala Residency Flyer with Ablaze Filter from Afterlight.JPG

Edo Kahn & SOLON interview with ABC Radio: A Soul Journey

Edo and I went into ABC Radio to do an interview with Geoff Wood from 'The Rhythm Divine' to talk about the release of 'The Jewel'.

'The Rhythm Divine' takes listeners on a musical journey through the world of spirituality, exploring contemporary sacred sounds and the world’s devotional music.

Geoff had interviewed Edo and Vaani in 2013 and it was sad for Edo and Geoff to reconvene with her passing away in between. It was really interesting to hear some of the things Edo had to say. As a friend in the day to day, you don't want to prise that deep into areas so sensitive - but the interview format created the space for that to happen naturally.

Listen to the full interview here.


SOLON interview with Studios 301

Interview with Studios 301 about the story behind 'The Jewel', how the remix differs to the original mix and the mastering process with Ben Feggans.

The original mix had a more of a world music vibe – lots of Indian / ethnic style drums and densely packed with organic instrumentation. The first step I took was to strip all the instrumentation back so that Jo’s vocal could have more space to come through. The only instruments which remained from the original mix were the harp and piano, but I ended up re-recording the piano to make it better fit with the new mix. The original arrangement was longer with extended choruses to reflect the way in which Edo & Jo would perform live, with the call and response sections that are the hallmark of devotional music (a.k.a. kirtan). I cut these back to give the track a more traditional song structure and to ensure that every section of the song kept pulling the listener in. In terms of the sound, a strong influence was a track called ‘Sapphire’ by Bonobo from his latest album ‘The North Borders’ – solid and snappy beats, a tight groove, delicate organic instrumentation and the way that every sound has its own place, were all things that were inspired by ‘Sapphire’ and that I worked to bring to the ‘The Jewel’ remix

Full interview here.


SOLON Interview with Soundseasy

Always a pleasure chatting to Paul Newcomb at Soundseasy (the audio gear specialists based in St Leonards).

Some topics that we explore include: how I got into production, the gear I can't live without, some of the techniques behind the remix of 'The Jewel' and my experiences mastering at 301.

I started exploring production about 10 years ago - it was very hard to work out even the very basics of using a DAW at that time...  Online tutorials didn't exist... Short courses didn't exist... All you really had was the DAW manuals that were pretty poorly written. 

Check out the full interview here.


SOLON & Angel talk to GLOMAD about the Future Sound of Yoga

Nice interview with Josh Murray, the founder of Glomad, an online magazine for 'the experience seeking yogi'.

Topics covered include the origins of the Future Sound of Yoga, the vision, our experiences at festivals and the highlights from the last few years.

'It goes back to our 90s club scene days. When you're surrounded by sound it has this incredible power to blot out thoughts and immerse you in the present. There's a story about an Indian meditator going to a rave in the UK in the 90s saying everyone was in a meditative state. Including movement provides a focus… there's no forcing yourself not to think.'

Full interview here.