One hour of Halloween-infused electronica, seamlessly mixed to fit the flow of a yoga practice


About the mix

Released 2016

Historically "All Hallows' Eve" marked the end of harvest and the beginning of the darker part of the year -  a liminal time, when the boundary between this world and the Otherworld thinned - a time to reflect and remember the dead. It's this vibe of reflection and otherworldiness that I've drawn on for this mix.

It's similar in structure to my other mixes with a flow that naturally fits a yoga practice - but it's less about driving to peak, and more about an ebb and flow from track to track.

Dreamy and haunting.


Track List

01  Wait Behind This Line / The Black Dog
02  Kitchen / Noze
03  Incidental Backcloth / PVT
04  Reach for the dead / Boards of Canada
05  Walk (Phaeleh Remix) / Ludovico Einaudi
06  Daydreaming / Radiohead
07  Tissues & Fivers / Gang Colours
08  Modern Soul / James Blake
09  More / Nils Frahm
10  Thriller / Imogen Heap
11  Blue Calx / Aphex Twin
12  Come / Royksopp


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